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Bad day again

Hey… here is the bad day again

My personal bad day that I know again

People, important people for me

People they can hurt me much

This people do not trust in me

Do not believe in me, that I can win


And now they see how much I can

What I am about

Now they see what I am able to do


Stupid silly things like

Car driving, school business, tiding up or special things like I am too tickly

That’s only little examples of that what I mean

It finished me inside to know

That my own daddy does not believe and trust me


I try to show you every day new of that stuff

Of all that stuff that I can do so well

But you don’t see, you don’t look at me

Please, stay a little time with me

Listen to me and try to understand what you did to me

Things you never did, things you will never do for me


But hey wait a little time

Then you will see how much I can

What I am about

You will see what I am able to do

And all I will do, all I will get

It’s of my own business and I don’t have to say “Thank you”

Yeah now look what you made of me

Think about

6.8.10 12:23

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