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Painted tears

It’s like I am crying and screaming

In the middle of the stage

But no one is looking at me

Everyone looks around but not at me

Here I am standing in front of you

With painted tears in my eyes

But you don’t tell me …


I know, I am not the perfect one

Can’t you see that I do all I can

Obviously my best is not enough


It’s like I caught myself bloody

And you watch this show like a horror movie

You would never try to stop me right?

You would never be interested in…

It’s like world war, it’s like death, it’s like black snow

It’s like world war III


I know, I am not the perfect one you wish for

Come on, I am not your dream-perfection

You just see the smiling girl, I have never been

Obviously it’s the best, I go away

But I will never be far enough away


So I try to tell you I have to go

And you’re just looking at me

With this damn faked painted tears …

6.8.10 12:29

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